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Ashish Khan


Ashish Khan is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 years of work experience.

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Ashish Khan

Ashish Khan is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 years of work experience, including 7 years in the Hospitality Industry, with expertise in the retail industry, in-store and inventory management, property management, moving and storage resource management, besides 4 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is well-versed in sales techniques and methods and has been affiliated with a number of renowned global brands like the Hilton, U-Haul, Big Bee Convenience and Table Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. A History honours graduate from the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and a hotel & restaurant management graduate from the Niagara College of Applied Arts And Technology, he has first-hand exposure to various cultures across the globe, and holds certificates in property management (by the Hilton) and dining room practicum, as well as a certificate of merit from the Wine Council of Ontario.

Ashish has worked with the Peninsula Inn & Resort, followed by the Doubletree Falls View by the Hilton group in Niagara Falls (Canada), and has had several entrepreneurial stints over the past 4 years, wherein he gained hands-on experience in client relationship management as well as vendor management. In his last venture before ODSS, he co-founded the Table Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi, Ashish is known for his exceptional drive to achieve. Coupled with qualities like patience and a great sense of humour, he is the go-to man when one encounters road-blocks and obstacles, as his resourcefulness and keen focus have upon several occasions, helped both individuals and organizations through to their goals. Time management and effective decision-making techniques are skills that have always helped him succeed, and his passion to explore new cultures and cuisines motivates him to take businesses to the less-explored parts of the world.


Dr. Asher Jesudoss


Dr. Asher R. Jesudoss is a professional in the fields of Education, OD, Communication…

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Asher Jesudoss

Dr. Asher R. Jesudoss is a professional in the fields of Education, Cross-cultural Communication, Organizational Behaviour & Development, Leadership, Content & Curriculum Development and Instructional Design. He has over 11 years of consulting experience with clients across industries such as Airline, ISP, Telecom, Banking, Finance, Insurance, KPO & BPO, E Commerce, as well as with schools, colleges, universities and government institutions. He started out as a trainer with IBM in 2005 and has since then worked in various training, consulting & managerial roles with organizations like KPMG, Moody’s, NASSCOM, Nokia, ITIDA, American Express, etc.

Asher is an alumnus of Nath Valley School, Aurangabad, with a B.A. (Hons.) from St. Stephen’s College & an M.A. from Delhi University, in English Literature. He also holds an MPhil and a PhD in Linguistics (Acoustic Phonetics, ELT, World Englishes) from JNU, New Delhi. Asher is an IBM-certified Master Trainer and has been a part of various successful consulting projects in Egypt, China and Vietnam and across the length and breadth of India, involving participants from over 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, and has been a language counsellor to 4 visiting members of the Afghan parliament.

On the academic front, Asher currently teaches Academic English at the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at IIT Delhi as a guest faculty member, and has previously also taught at Delhi University (English Literature), SAARC University & Jamia Millia Islamia. He has been a guest faculty member at the Linguistic Empowerment Cell, JNU since 2012 and has taught two semesters at the Department of Indo-Pacific Languages, University of Hawaii, USA as a Fulbright Fellow. Asher is also a resource person with Ratna Sagar Publications.


Leiyathing Hungyo


Leiyathing Hungyo has been in the retail industry with over 11 years of experience.

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Leiyathing Hungyo

Leiyathing Hungyo has been in the retail industry with over 11 years of experience in various elements of retailing, including brands like the Body Shop, Quest Retail and Planet Sports. She specializes in face-to-face customer service as well as in email and telephonic customer service in the retail industry. She has spent over 4 years in inventory control and managed several retail outlets, handled the sales strategies for these outlets, headed the sales department for retail outlets like Planet Sports and the Body Shop, and trained and mentored sales employees on several sales and retail essentials. She is well-versed with the safety standards followed at retail outlets across the globe and is an expert in global policies of retail companies. Her expertise spans the entire range of retail services and skills, right from essential multi-tasking skills required on a day-to-day basis; to following safety and security protocol; to planning daily and monthly sales targets and formulating region-wide sales and promotion strategies.

Leiyathing has trained several employees on body language, dealing with various types of customers, providing excellent customer service and understanding the differences in technique while handling domestic and international customers. Leiyathing is also an expert in North-Eastern and North Indian Culture, and is passionate about bringing elements of these two together by facilitating a better understanding of each other’s cultures and ways of life. She will be spearheading our company’s ventures in all the north-eastern regions of India, starting with Manipur and Nagaland. She will be heading our HR and Sales divisions and will also be formulating the recruitment and diversity policies of ODSS.

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